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      ›› About Me and Why South Korea?

    1. Want to know more about me and my reasons?  This is the correct page for that.  :)

      Want to know more about this blog?  Go here: http://koreadistrict.tumblr.com/blog for that.

      About Me:

      I’m Brittany!  Anyway, I’m 21 and I am an honors level college student.  

      I am working towards what will eventually be either an Asian Studies degree or a Korean degree with a strong history background.  I adore history and I want to study Korean history more than most things in this world.

      For my future career I’m trying to decide between law school or becoming a post-secondary teacher at this moment.  I want to be in a career where I can use what I learn in my education for my job.  Teaching others what I love seems most ideal for this.

      Last but not least I want to study in Korea, even if only for a semester.  I’ve played with the idea of becoming an English teacher in Korea but I don’t think I’d be as satisfied doing that as I would with continuing my education and teaching what I love to people that may not even know that there is a North AND South Korea and only one of them is ruled by Kim Jung-Il.  I’m an optimist in that sense, because I assume some of those people would take a Korea related class.

      Want to know more about the little daily things?  Read my personal blog!  http://china-rouge.net

      Why South Korea?

      …This is hard to explain.  I was told that learning a langauge improves grades (true, by the way) and me being the person I am decided to learn one.  I learned to read Korean and I don’t remember exactly how that happened.  Around the same time I found BoA.  I believe I was 13 at the time because I have flashes in my memory of me going “Oh, I have to learn a language now!  This language thing doesn’t after 13!”  I don’t think I made the 13 year old deadline but I was definitely reading basic Korean at 14 but I didn’t bother to do much other than learning to read.  I didn’t learn vocabulary.  

      Little did I know this little language would come back to haunt me in a big way not too long later.  

      My interest in Kpop grew and now here I am.

      Kind of vague, sorry!  Korea was largely by chance I guess is the moral of the story.

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