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      ›› Girls, Girls, Girls….and cats!

    1. So many girl group magazine pictures this month!  Here are some of my favorites since there are so many!  It’s amazing.


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    2. ›› Goodbye Baby Goodbye [Korean Lesson]

    3. Oh my gosh, this song is a lot better than I thought it was going to be.  I am going to make no secret of the fact I’m not exactly a JY ENT fan.  I tried and I failed, however, Jia and orange hair, along with this song, may make me a Say A very, very soon.  


      Miss A -Goodbye Baby

      This song is so addictive!  So I decided I want to pick apart some Korean from their interview with Naver.  

      Q:  이번 앨범을 한마디로 정의 한다면?

      This time album in one word define (to-do verb)

      This time define in one word the album?

      A:  중독, 블랙홀!!

      Addicting, black hole!  


      이번 - this time (endic.naver.com)

      앨범 - album (Konglish)

      한마디로 - in one word (endic.naver.com)

      정의 - define (endic.naver.com)

      한다면 - to do verb (endic.naver.com)

      중독 - addicting (endic.naver.com)

      블랙홀 - black hole (Konglish)

      을 - direct object marker

      Sorry I can’t provide more for some of this.  I found bits of it confusing, so I linked dictionary articles.  

      Remember:  Everything is being moved to my Wordpress site since Tumblr is having issues staying up.  My Wordpress site is located here:  http://korea.china-rouge.net I am trying to wean myself off of Tumblr so for a while there will be cross posts but there will come a time where I just post links.

      This tumblr won’t ever close, though.  I like it too much but there will come a time where all the bulky articles are at the wordpress and this just used for light, fun things.

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