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      ›› My new found respect for 2NE1

    1. 2NE1 just released “Ugly” today and after reading the translation literally I must admit I was disappointed.  I am a very literal person I don’t like to dig around and run in circles for things that I feel should be obvious.  After stepping back and going “maybe it’s not meant to be taken literally,” my respect for 2NE1 sky rocketed.


      After sitting back and watching the music video and understanding the lyrics I felt like I had water splashed in my face.  How many girls have sat back and went “I think I’m ugly,” or “just like her I want to be pretty,” and “no body wants to love me”?  On my main tumblr blog I follow a “reason to lose weight” blog and someone submitted a reason that said “so I can find love.”  (reasonstoshed.tumblr.com)  I, just yesterday again at my main tumblr, made a post about the double standards in international Kpop fandom sparked by Siwon’s teaser photo.  It’s conflicting and difficult to be a girl sometimes and so much is based around our appearance and our own self-confidence.

      This song hits on so many feelings that girls do have and 2NE1 was the prefect group to release it.  2NE1 is easily the “ugly” girls of Kpop, with their boyish/tough image, they just don’t quite fit in with the SNSD/A-Pink/T-ara etc world of girl groups.  

      I think I’m ugly and nobody wants to love me

      Just like her I wanna be pretty

      Don’t lie to my face cause I know I’m ugly

      I’m just…flabbergasted to be honest.  For many girls this song hits home, hard.  Even I am going “I’m guilty of thinking of all the things said in the chorus.”

    2. ›› 2NE1, 26일 ‘인가’서 신곡 ‘내가 제일 잘나가’ 첫방

    3. On the 26th group 2NE1 will return to the stage to show off their flashy new moves with their new song “I am the Best” on….*drumroll* SBS’ Inkigayo.

      Source:  star.mt.co.kr

      Taken from article:  그룹 2NE1이 가요 프로그램 ‘인기가요’를 통해 신곡 무대를 첫 선보인다.

      For group 2ne1 the music program Inkigayo is the first stage they will show their new songs.

      Random Vocabulary: 

      첫 - first

      가요 - music

      프로그램 - program

      선보인다 - show off (something)

    4. ›› Girl Group Diets - Part 2

    5. This girl group diet gets a post to itself…


      Disclaimer:  I do not endorse or encourage anyone to try any type of diet at all.  This post is purely educational; you do diets at your own risk after consulting a doctor.  I am not a doctor!  I am not qualified to help you with your diet in anyway/shape/form.  This post is based on research only.

      The Lettuce Diet, or it’s other aliases, the Lettuce and Water diet, and the Lettuce and Diet Coke Diet is a diet where one consumes just lettuce and water (diet coke) and nothing else.  

      Park Bom is the one that made this diet popular in kpop-dom and many believe that because it’s lettuce it’s safe and healthy.  This is false.  A diet of lettuce and water (diet coke) alone is dangerous.  When I goggled the lettuce diet I found a number of people that were asking about this diet to be Kpop fans.  This diet IS NOT healthy.  Many of these askers were quickly shot down by people giving responses.

      Need proof that this diet is dangerous?  Google Luisel Ramos who died while on the Lettuce and Diet Coke diet.  It’s very unfortunate that the most I can find about the lettuce diet is the same darn post over and over that is about adding lettuce to a diet. However, when you do find other things about this diet you can see that overall response is negative.  Lettuce is great to add to your diet but lettuce only does not make a diet.  It’s very bad for your body.

      Please eat healthily when trying to lose weight, and as always, consult a doctor before doing anything!  

    6. ›› Kpop Korean Lesson: Park Bom - Don’t Cry


      여기까지가 우리 둘의 끝인가요

      Here is the end for the both of us.

      여기까지 - here, to this place, so far

      우리 - we, us

      둘의 - two, both

      끝인가요 - end

      가 - subject marker

      의 - possession marker

      요 - makes things more poliet

      Video credit:  (youtube)

    8. ›› Kpop Korean Lesson: 2NE1 - Lonely (Part One)


      I’m hooked…hard.  I love this song!


      I don’t know I don’t know
      내가 왜 이러는지

      내가 - I (+ subject marker)

      나 and a subject marker becomes 내가.

      왜 - why

      이러 - to be like this

      는지 - not translation:  this thing is confusing.  I found one place that means it indicates a question (make sense in the sentience) and another that states  that it makes the verb into the object.  Confusing!  

      "Why I am like this?" Makes sense and that happens to be the common translation of "내가 왜 이러는지" floating around.

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