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      ›› Updated: Join Super Junior’s Fan Cafe

    1. There is a check box picture that wasn’t on the tutorial originally for joining Super Junior’s fan cafe.  That picture has been added and hopefully that will solve any hang ups people are having.

      Link to Tutorial:  by-popular-demand-join-super-juniors-fan-cafe

    2. ›› awkward…and the Nsync of Asia award goes to…

    3. I had an awkward moment yesterday.  Turns out there’s a lot of Kpop fans in the USA outside of New York and LA.  I ran into three, at once, and they all disliked Super Junior. Therefore, awkwardness ensues!  Luckily, I was familiar with two of them enough already to not care too much.  

      Girl 1: “Did you buy the new SJ album?”

      Me:  ”Nah, it has like 10 covers so I decided not to bother.”

      Boy:  ”You listen to Super Junior?”

      Me:  ”Wait, you know Super Junior?”

      Boy:  ”Yeah, I’m half Asian.”
      Me:  ”Well, yeah but I didn’t know you listened to…” 

      Girl 2:  ”Oh gosh, Super Junior?  They have like 13 members.”
      Me:  ”It’s 10 right now.”

      Somehow this conversation resulted in Super Junior being declared the Nsync of Asia and that Super Junior M is the best sub-unit.  Now, if you don’t mind me I’m going to go listen to some “Nsync”.  

    4. ›› Where is the line to be drawn?


      Where do we draw the line between a healthy number of versions of an album and outright sleazy business?  

      Read More

    6. ›› "The Last Man Standing" Super Man Super Junior

    7. I thought this was a nice performance. I felt reminded of an Eminem song, however, that doesn’t bother me.  What do you think of SJ’s comeback with Mr. Simple?  Win or Not?

    8. ›› By Popular Demand: Join 온새미로 (Super Junior’s Fan Cafe)

    9. Please make a Daum account before attempting to join 온새미로.  (Join Daum Tutorial)

      Next click this link:  Registration Page

      Please forgive typos.  I don’t feel like remaking the thing.  

      Updated September 8th, 2011

    10. ›› Kpop Korean Lesson: Mr. Simple

    11. 봐라 Miss Simple, Simple 그대는 그대로 예뻐 (S J Call!) 

      Look Miss Simple, Simple you are pretty as you are (SJ Call!)

      Or others have it as:  Look Miss Simple, Simple you are pretty like that.

      I went went with “as you are” because of  그대로 looking so much like 그대는 and 그대로 in the Naver online dictionary meant “as it is”.  

      봐라 - look

      그대는 - you are

      그대로 - as it is (I saw it as “as you are”)

      예뻐 - pretty

      Enjoy :)

    12. ›› Waiting for SJ Teaser


      (for the record SJ = boyband of choice and my top Kpop fandom)

      enjoy this while waiting:

    14. ›› 뭘봐 - M&D


      뭘봐 =/= Close Ur Mouth.  뭘봐 = What are you looking at?  봐 is a rude-ish way of saying look, while 뭘 is a contraction that means what.  Kind of like in English we say don’t for do not, that’s what 뭘 is.  The English title is appropriate for the content of the song, however, please know that it is not a translation.

    16. ›› Kpop in Japan Round Up

    17. I tend to avoid Kpop artists Japanese works for this blog because this is a Korean language blog so I feel like I get no benefit in Japanese language things, but Super Junior is right in the blog description and they’re going to Japan!  So I decided I would do a Kpop in Japan roundup.  Enjoy the pictures and information under the cut.

      This week includes:  SNSD, Kara, Super Junior

      Read More

    18. ›› Korean Vocabulary: Money

    19. I just got home not too long ago from an event called Big Friday.  Today at Big Friday was election day and I was up for treasurer, I came out victorious!  I am now Arete treasurer! Arete is the name given to my college’s honors students.  :)  Since I am now treasurer I decided to learn more about money…in Korean!

      • 돈 - money
      • 원 - Korean currency, the won! 카드 - card, credit card
      • 체크카드 - check card
      • 비자체크카드 - Visa check card
      • 달러 - dollar

      Video of “Don’t Don” is under the cut. It’s by Super Junior and deals with money and people’s selfishness.  It’s an SMP so expect a message in it.  Don’t Don is a play on the words “donda” and “don” which mean “to go crazy” and “money” respectively.  돈다 is “to go crazy”, however, the Korean title 돈돈 literally means “money, money”.  Don’t Don is full of things that you have to be raised with Korean to truly understand, unfortunately.  I remember Korean translators going nuts over how to translate this song because it was full of poetry (for lack a better term) and things that just don’t make sense in a non-Korean context.

      Read More

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