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      ›› It’s all about the aegyo!

    1. I learned something today that I can’t resist sharing.  


      Can you guess what physical feature they have in common before reading?

      Something I’ve known for a while but didn’t really care about was the fact that on Kpop idols having fat under their eyes, in Korea, is considered cute.  I wasn’t too phased by the trend but today I finally figured out what that fat is called.  Or at least a slang term for it.  It probably has a more technical term that I don’t know right now.  Anyway, that fat is called 애교살.  For those who can read Korean, now you know where I got the post title.  For those who can’t read Korean it is called “aegyo sal”.  

      Aegyo is a common term to describe idols who act cute for attention in Kpop fandom (SNSD’s Sunny is quite known for aegyo as is/was Super Junior’s Sungmin).  Aegyo means something like charm.  Aegyo is meant to draw people to you and most often it’s done in a cute manner.  

      Sunny:  Yoona has a lot of aegyosal!


      What’s fun about aegyo sal is that it means something like “charming fat”.  I also noticed that a some of the girls that are considered the most popular or the most attractive in their bands all have this trait.  Yoona, Kahi, Sulli, Ivy, Kang Minkyung, Hara, Suzy and Lee Hyori all have aegyo sal.

      Aegyo sal should not be confused with bags under the eyes from a lack of sleep, however.  There is a difference.

      Do you have a favorite idol with “charming fat” under their eyes?  I’ve always been drawn to Seohyun’s myself when I noticed such things.


      Enjoy the aegyo sal!





    2. ›› SMTown Paris - Le Monde Summary

    3. SM Town Paris landed in Le Monde news.  If you become familiar with anything French (outside a high school French class in most cases) you’ll hear Le Monde pop up at least once.  Le Monde means “The World” it’s a daily newspaper that covers various things and world affairs.

      SM Town Paris landed in Le Monde and since my French is better than my Korean I decided to do a brief overview of the article.  Needless to say, I was fairly excited to see Le Monde and SM Town together.  

      Word of warning, it’s not my fault if the article forgot to mention your favorite boy band.

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      (Source: lemonde.fr)

    4. ›› That is Soshi’s Tayeon, right?

    5. ‘소시’ 태연 맞아? ‘청순실종’…파격 의상 충격적

      Soshi’s Taeyeon right?  ’Innocence disappears’… exceptional shocking costume!

      맞아 - right?

      ‘청순실종’ - innocence + disappears, to go away, gone

      파격 - In this case it means exceptional

      의상 - clothes, garment, costume

      충격적- shocking

      I am fairly confident that the translation of 파격 does not mean cheap in this case since Taeyeon has been credited as “being responsible for sexy Soshi,” which doesn’t sound like an insult to me.

      Want the full sized image? It’s under the cut!  

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    6. ›› Girl Group Diets


      I can’t be the only girl in Kpop fandom that’s looked at the bodies of these girl groups and at some point went “want”, I really can’t.  

      These diets, however, get a lot of controversy from international fans and some of it is misinformed.  That’s what this post is for.  This post will cover Kara and Soshi since they are the two most known for their diets and bodies.  

      Disclaimer:  I do not endorse or encourage anyone to try any type of diet at all.  This post is purely educational; you do diets at your own risk, after consulting a doctor.  I am not a doctor!  I am not qualified to help you with your diet in anyway/shape/form.  This post is based on research and personal experience only.

      Kara - “We Starve Ourselves”

      This one IS unhealthy!  Avoid this one at all costs!  Their diet where they watch calories and carbohydrate intake is much healthier.  However, that diet is very similar to SNSD’s.  

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