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      ›› SMTown Paris - Le Monde Summary

    1. SM Town Paris landed in Le Monde news.  If you become familiar with anything French (outside a high school French class in most cases) you’ll hear Le Monde pop up at least once.  Le Monde means “The World” it’s a daily newspaper that covers various things and world affairs.

      SM Town Paris landed in Le Monde and since my French is better than my Korean I decided to do a brief overview of the article.  Needless to say, I was fairly excited to see Le Monde and SM Town together.  

      Word of warning, it’s not my fault if the article forgot to mention your favorite boy band.

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      (Source: lemonde.fr)

    2. ›› Live in Kazakhstan? Want to be a Kpop star? July will be your lucky month!

    3. True facts:


      Amazing!  If anyone reads this blog auditions in Kazakhstan email me!  I want know how it goes!  Actually this goes for anyone that auditions anywhere; I would love to get feedback from you on how things go down!

      Good luck!  Bonne chance! Bon courage!  Fighting!  

      (Source: audition.smtown.com)

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