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      ›› Girls, Girls, Girls….and cats!

    1. So many girl group magazine pictures this month!  Here are some of my favorites since there are so many!  It’s amazing.


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    2. ›› V Magazine - Asian Issue


      Before you go “why is Gaga here?” this is simply only the cover of V Magazine where Kpop does make an appearance.  

      vmagazine.com Click that link for more details but if you are a JYJ fan in particular this magazine should get your interest.  If you are a girl group fan (like me) then this magazine should get your interest.  Feel the hallyu 

      This magazine is also available as a digital download and in Chinese, however, the non-Chinese version IS IN ENGLISH.  Get your English hallyu fix.  

      It also features other Japanese/Chinese artists/actors for example Ayumi Hamasaki and Gong Li.  

      I thought more people would be interested in this than just me, so I posted it.  

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