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    1. What is “물 좋아?” Let’s Talk About Fishing“물 좋아?” is a term that can mean “do you like water?” or “how’s the water?” or “is the water good?”…View Post

      What is “물 좋아?” Let’s Talk About Fishing

      “물 좋아?” is a term that can mean “do you like water?” or “how’s the water?” or “is the water good?”…

      View Post

    2. ›› Kpop Takes Over YouTube: Official Artist and Company YouTube Channels

    3. This list was done mostly out of curiosity.  I also have become aware that in many fandoms getting view counts on official videos has become important.  So here is a list of accounts I can find that are official.  This is by no means complete but I will try to keep it updated as I find more.

      SM Entertainment:

      Nega Network:

      LOEN Entertainment:

      For the record, there is another LOEN floating around but it uploads MVs by artists that aren’t from LOEN Entertainment which is why I didn’t link it.

      DSP Entertainment:

      YG Entertainment:

      Cube Entertainment:

      CJ Entertainment: 

      For the record:  CJ Entertainment is a MASSIVE company in Korea.  MNet Media and many other smaller labels fall under the CJ Entertainment label.  You’ll find both Epik High and T-ara on this page.  If you don’t know what label your favorite artist is from try this channel first.

      FNC Music:

      Happy Face Entertainment:

      Paramount Music:

      Star Empire Entertainment

      JTune Camp

      JYP Entertainment

        I’ll update if I find more.  Check the tags for the artists you’ll find at these channels.

        Updated: August 19th 2011

      • ›› Understanding Korean Age (Basic Guide)


        Ever been confused by Korean age?  You’re not alone.

        If you’re reading this post expecting me to say “Everyone born the same year is chingu!” you’re mistaken.  There’s more to Korean ages than that.  For example Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was born in Feburary 1988 and Super Junior’s Ryeowook was born in June 1987 are in fact “chingu” (friends, in the Korean sense of the word).  This can be confusing.

        Let’s lay down some basics:

        In Korea you can only be friends (친구) with people the same age as you.  Anyone older/younger cannot technically be called your friend.  (You can however haver a very close relationship, you’re just not technically friends.)  Rank is important in Korean relationships.  You pay your elders with a certain respect (no matter how close you get) and you treat your dongsaengs differently from how you treat your elders and friends.  

        Let’s look at another example for clarification:

        SNSD’s Sooyoung was born in February 1990 while SNSD’s Yoona was in May 1990.  These two girls, however, are not friends in the Korean sense of the word.  Sooyoung is Yoona’s unni.  Yoona is expected to treat Sooyoung with a certain amount of respect that is given to elders.  

        So, wondering how it is two girls born the same year only a few months apart are not friends?  The Korean school system is to blame/credit for that.  

        Korean’s start school in March this means the age cut off is in February.  People born in January and February are clumped in with the people from the year before.  This is how Kyuhyun/Ryeowook from my first example are considered friends and the same age while Sooyoung/Yoona are not.  Sooyoung is considered the same age as everyone born in 1989 starting from March.  This means Tiffany who was born in August 1989 is her friend even though there is a larger gap between her and Sooyoung than there is between Sooyoung and Yoona.

        So, when trying to figure out Korean ages keep this in mind:  If born after February add 1 year if born before March add 2 years.   

        This means people born in February and January will never call someone born the year before them (after February) by a title other than friend, unless, that person has a title such as doctor/teacher/sunbae/boss.   (Teachers get more credit in Korea than they do in places like the USA.)  

        Hope this helps!

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