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      ›› Han Hee Jung - The First Day We Met

    1. 우리 처음 만난 날

      우리 - we

      처음 - first

      만난 - met

      날 - day

      This song is very mellow, and I didn’t even notice when it ended.  It’s a very peaceful love song.

    2. video

    3. Standing Egg - 넌 이별 난 아직

      넌 이별 난 아직  means something like “You’re parting; I’m still.”  Which means someone is leaving while the other person is staying.

      넌 - you are

      이별 - parting, farewell, part (from)

      난 - I am

      아직 - still, yet

      I’ve seen it translated as “Farewell for you, not yet for me.”  

      Enjoy the song!

    4. ›› Dal Shabet…thanks for the heads up!


      Taken from allkpop:

      When asked how they could just tell like that, they explained that you needed to keep an eye on groups that promote in the same cycle.  Idol groups have schedules from morning till night so there isn’t any other time they can meet people other than the faces they see in waiting rooms backstage of variety or music shows.  Naturally, idols become closer, especially since their lifestyle patterns are the same.”  

      I am so painfully amused at this.  It makes me want to watch all the idol groups and see if I can spot anything.  I mean there is that Kyuhyun and Seungyeon rumor going around….

      Let me know if you spot any possible couples!  This can be a game~

      PS.  Twitter…I has one.

    6. video

    7. I haven’t been able to post much lately because of class, so enjoy one of my favorite BoA songs until I can post later tonight. 

    8. ›› Kara - Step


      So, since I’m on the Kara topic.  Who’s your favorite member?  Mine’s Seungyeon!  My favorite song from Kara is Secret World from their first album.  I predict that this song will be a moderate hit winning a couple of awards before they head off to Japan.  :)  I’m excited!  I have Kara and April Kiss to look forward to!  

      Speaking of April Kiss is their name Aprilkiss or April Kiss?  I’m not sure!  I see it written differently everywhere!  I hope April Kiss does not get killed off by 2PM fan girls who think no one can compare to their oppas.  I would be devastated.  

      I will be tracking Kara’s Korean comeback after Chuseok!  I’m very excited because there’s always low expectations for these girls and they always prove that they are better than that.  I hope they get more international fan love soon!  

    10. ›› It’s all about the aegyo!

    11. I learned something today that I can’t resist sharing.  


      Can you guess what physical feature they have in common before reading?

      Something I’ve known for a while but didn’t really care about was the fact that on Kpop idols having fat under their eyes, in Korea, is considered cute.  I wasn’t too phased by the trend but today I finally figured out what that fat is called.  Or at least a slang term for it.  It probably has a more technical term that I don’t know right now.  Anyway, that fat is called 애교살.  For those who can read Korean, now you know where I got the post title.  For those who can’t read Korean it is called “aegyo sal”.  

      Aegyo is a common term to describe idols who act cute for attention in Kpop fandom (SNSD’s Sunny is quite known for aegyo as is/was Super Junior’s Sungmin).  Aegyo means something like charm.  Aegyo is meant to draw people to you and most often it’s done in a cute manner.  

      Sunny:  Yoona has a lot of aegyosal!


      What’s fun about aegyo sal is that it means something like “charming fat”.  I also noticed that a some of the girls that are considered the most popular or the most attractive in their bands all have this trait.  Yoona, Kahi, Sulli, Ivy, Kang Minkyung, Hara, Suzy and Lee Hyori all have aegyo sal.

      Aegyo sal should not be confused with bags under the eyes from a lack of sleep, however.  There is a difference.

      Do you have a favorite idol with “charming fat” under their eyes?  I’ve always been drawn to Seohyun’s myself when I noticed such things.


      Enjoy the aegyo sal!





    12. ›› Music You Might Have Missed: Rumble Fish - I love you, I love you


      Have you ever had the feeling of regret after listening to something for the first time and it’s like “why didn’t I get into this band sooner?”  This is that song.  I’ve heard of Rumble Fish but I never checked them out and this was my first time listening to anything by them…or should I say her.  Rumble Fish used to be an actual band-band but all of the other members left and now Choi Jinyi is solo but using the name.    

      About the Song:  Another ballad…I didn’t choose it because it was a ballad, promise!  It’s just that all the bands that catch my attention are releasing ballads right now, I guess.  I’ve been going to Ihoneydew and looking at bands and picking the one that catches my eye.  That said it’s a love ballad.  It says things like “I love you, I’m sorry, I was a fool please come back.” Her voice is very pretty, as mentioned previously, I am full of a sense of “it took me this long to listen to her?”  I am pleased with this song.  It’s actually simple enough that on first listen it’s possible to sing along with parts of it.  (Mostly the I love you, I love you but still….)   If I were to rate it I’d give it a 4 out of 5.  The beginning isn’t the most interesting and I almost skipped the song because of it.  The build to the chorus is what kept me listening after not being impressed with the beginning.  

      Looking at the lyrics, not an overly complicated song.  I will do a vocab lesson on it soon.  If Tumblr doesn’t eat my post.  My really long Hyuna Bubble Pop mini-album review was obliterated.    

      Release Date: 07/13/11

      Korean Title:  사랑해요 사랑해요

      English Title:  I love you, I love you

    14. ›› Music You Might Have Missed: Harasora - It’s You

    15. I have made it a personal mission to listen to artists that aren’t as well known as the obvious idols.  Welcome to a new section titled “Music You Might Have Missed”.  Hopefully, everyone’s knowledge of the Kpop scene will grow.  


      Korean Title:  바로 너야 (Feat. 로라)

      Translation:  It’s You (Feat. Lora)

      Side Note:  Google translate puts it as “You’re the One” but when I read it I instantly read it at “It’s You” and I find Korean sources that put “It’s You” as the English title.  

      Release Date:  July 8, 2011

      Song Is Like:  It’s a poppy love ballad.  Very pretty soothing voices.  Auto-tune weary Kpop fans need not fear. No auto-tune just singing.

    16. ›› This is why I started the Kpop in Japan Round Up

    17. Various Korean news portals are reporting Kim Hyun Joong has ranked first on the Oricon foreign album charts above the likes of Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

      김현중, 日서 레이디가가-비욘세 제쳤다

      Kim Hyun Joong,  beats out Lady Gaga - Beyonce.  

      This isn’t the case.  Proof:  http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/wa/w/  He ranks 4th after both Gaga and Beyonce.  

      Please remember to take news about Kpop in Japan from Korean sources with a grain of salt.  This title was taken from Sports Seoul.


      When supporting your favorite Kpop acts in Japan please make sure you are doing so with correct information.

    18. ›› Bonjour à tous!

    19. Hello everyone!  I’ve been off enjoying summer, and you?  I hope things are going well!  


      Side note:  I had a really long post full of all my favorite songs for the summer originally but when I hit the enter button it deleted the whole post!  I’m kind of angry needless to say.  I’ll remake the post but do know that this was originally that post.

    20. ›› 끝까지 들어

    21. 끝까지 들어 is a phrase I’ve always been confused about.  I figured I’d finally do what should have been obvious…but wasn’t.  I went to the Naver dictionary.  끝까지 by itself means “to the end” and 들어 is where this phrase got confusing.  It turns out 들어 is a verb that means enter but also hold, take, walk in, cut, and be sharp, according to Naver’s dictionary.  

      끝까지 들어 together, however, I found means something like “don’t interrupt me.”   So it being titled in English as “Listen to the End” means something like “listen until I’m done”.  

      I figure since this is something I found in the dictionary at Naver as a full phrase it’s just a phrase I have to learn to understand as meaning “don’t interrupt” instead of taking it apart as I normally do.  When taken apart you can see the basics of “hold” and “to the end” and that does give clues to the phrase; I guess what through me off was it being titled “listen to the end.”  

      PS.  Welcome to Navi Week, yes.  

    22. ›› My queen is returning!



      Navi means butterfly.  Navi will have her first performance June 30th at M! Countdown.

    24. ›› 2NE1, 26일 ‘인가’서 신곡 ‘내가 제일 잘나가’ 첫방

    25. On the 26th group 2NE1 will return to the stage to show off their flashy new moves with their new song “I am the Best” on….*drumroll* SBS’ Inkigayo.

      Source:  star.mt.co.kr

      Taken from article:  그룹 2NE1이 가요 프로그램 ‘인기가요’를 통해 신곡 무대를 첫 선보인다.

      For group 2ne1 the music program Inkigayo is the first stage they will show their new songs.

      Random Vocabulary: 

      첫 - first

      가요 - music

      프로그램 - program

      선보인다 - show off (something)

    26. ›› 뭘봐 - M&D


      뭘봐 =/= Close Ur Mouth.  뭘봐 = What are you looking at?  봐 is a rude-ish way of saying look, while 뭘 is a contraction that means what.  Kind of like in English we say don’t for do not, that’s what 뭘 is.  The English title is appropriate for the content of the song, however, please know that it is not a translation.

    28. ›› Kpop Korean Lesson: Park Bom - Don’t Cry


      여기까지가 우리 둘의 끝인가요

      Here is the end for the both of us.

      여기까지 - here, to this place, so far

      우리 - we, us

      둘의 - two, both

      끝인가요 - end

      가 - subject marker

      의 - possession marker

      요 - makes things more poliet

      Video credit:  (youtube)

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