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      ›› Psy Syndrome

    1. Anyone else noticing the *small* amount of hype Psy is getting stateside?  I mean he’s only eleventh on the most significant music charts in America.  No big, right?  If you’ve not picked up my sarcastic tone by now please allow me to tell you I’m being a little bit sarcastic.  

      I honestly don’t know what to think of the recent Gangnam Style phenomenon.  It’s all over my Facebook friend’s posts (they of course spell it as opa ngannam or something like that) and I’m just sitting here going “but…it’s not even the coolest new song in Korea right now.”  I also have no idea what the coolest new song in Korea is right now though.  I don’t know what I think about this whole thing.  

      Part of me is concerned about the fact that the main draw to the song isn’t because it’s a great song…but rather it’s an Asian guy releasing a silly music video.  Asians have long been seen as “silly” or “strange” to American audiences when it comes to music and visuals.  ”Oh those Japanese…” isn’t a strange phrase here.  Many Americans expect Asian music to be odd and funny.  Is he really breaking a mold, or did he luck into a market he can now exploit for all it’s worth?  Either way he’s going to be a very wealthy man.  However, what will this do to other Kpop acts that want to debut in America?  Are they going to start trying the goofy MV method and pray it goes viral?  Will Psy’s success with this song cast a shadow on all other acts trying to debut here?  Will his success make it harder for other Korean (and by extension Asian) artists to be taken as serious pop/rb/hip-hop acts?  Or have these other Kpop artists been damned to being typecasted even more into the “Asian music’s funny” category?  

    2. ›› My new found respect for 2NE1

    3. 2NE1 just released “Ugly” today and after reading the translation literally I must admit I was disappointed.  I am a very literal person I don’t like to dig around and run in circles for things that I feel should be obvious.  After stepping back and going “maybe it’s not meant to be taken literally,” my respect for 2NE1 sky rocketed.


      After sitting back and watching the music video and understanding the lyrics I felt like I had water splashed in my face.  How many girls have sat back and went “I think I’m ugly,” or “just like her I want to be pretty,” and “no body wants to love me”?  On my main tumblr blog I follow a “reason to lose weight” blog and someone submitted a reason that said “so I can find love.”  (reasonstoshed.tumblr.com)  I, just yesterday again at my main tumblr, made a post about the double standards in international Kpop fandom sparked by Siwon’s teaser photo.  It’s conflicting and difficult to be a girl sometimes and so much is based around our appearance and our own self-confidence.

      This song hits on so many feelings that girls do have and 2NE1 was the prefect group to release it.  2NE1 is easily the “ugly” girls of Kpop, with their boyish/tough image, they just don’t quite fit in with the SNSD/A-Pink/T-ara etc world of girl groups.  

      I think I’m ugly and nobody wants to love me

      Just like her I wanna be pretty

      Don’t lie to my face cause I know I’m ugly

      I’m just…flabbergasted to be honest.  For many girls this song hits home, hard.  Even I am going “I’m guilty of thinking of all the things said in the chorus.”

    4. ›› Dear Kpop Fans: Stop Feeding the Trolls

    5. Please allow me to stand on my soap box for a moment, thank you.  Remember this blog is also for my Korea related thoughts.

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    6. ›› Bubble Pop! Yes or No?

    7. Bubble bubble pop!

      Warning:  Contains the word slut…more than once.  

      For me:  Yes.  Bubble Pop is a catchy, fun song that I have had on repeat since it came out.  I’m in love with this song.  In fact mini album review coming soon.  :)  

      The cons…

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    8. ›› Excuse me Naver?

    9. What is up with this:

      [학문]woman who is aborting a child cares only about herself.  (출처:Example Essays)

      [이용자 참여 번역문] 아이를 유산시키는 여성은 오직 자기 자신만 생각하는 여성이다. (번역:skyeahlim)

      This is uncalled for in a dictionary. Please do not give me that “Korea is more conservative” argument.  Korea has a history with gender-selective abortions with some of their officials saying they may have one of the highest illegal abortion rates in the world. (koreatimes.co.kr)  They may be more conservative but they do get abortions over there.

      This “example” is uncalled for.  I was looking up the word 여성 and this is what I was given as an example of how it’s used. (endic.naver.com)

    10. "Even ten years from now, IU, Sulli, Yoona, and Goo Hara will still be under thirty. Truth be told, girls are at their prettiest when they’re in their twenties."

      Written in Korean by hurlkie@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi
      Photo by Bong Sook Hee of Studio V (studio_v@naver.com)
      Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang

      This quote disturbs me.  This just reinforces sexism; this time being based on age is the form of sexism. 

    11. ›› Opinion Time! The Rush to Be First in International Fandom

    12. Something I’ve noticed is that there are fansites popping up everywhere in Kpop-dom…for bands that have yet to debut, or even release a teaser of what their music sounds like.  

      February 12th, a site for APink (a band that dropped their first album yesterday) already had purchased expensive forum software and made their own rules and more.  This means they started a site for a band that didn’t even debut until over two months later.  This band didn’t even release a music teaser until this month.

      How does the owner of this site know that they will even like the band if they don’t even have a teaser to go by?  Or even pre-debut videos?    

      I am willing to go as far at to say that the owner didn’t create this site out of love for these girls; they did it to be first.  In Kpop international fandom if you do not own the first forum you do not get as much attention as the one that did.  For some odd reason Kpop fans believe that there should only be one site for each artist.  

      I am not trying to single out just this particular forum; I only use it as an example because I was on their site today.  The Brave Girls forum also started before the band even debuted.  

      I think this trend is ridiculous.  Make a site because you enjoy the artist, not to be first.  You’re taking away from someone that will actually be their fan that could have created the next big thing.  (See Soshified for example.)   

    13. ›› Why the storm of idol girl bands won’t stop anytime soon

    14. Every week there is a new girl band debuting.  This week it’s Blady, I believe? A Pink is a band that’s only been teasing the Kpop world for two months; they’re coming out soon too.  Last week all the debut buzz was around Rania.  So why, in a market that is clearly so saturated, are all these girls debuting?  

      Since 2007 there has been a huge flood of girls debuting weekly.  This is common knowledge in Kpop.  2007 saw Wonder Girls, Kara, and SNSD (in that order) debut.  Other girl groups such as Black Pearl debuted in 2007 as well but have largely gone missing in the media frenzy that is Kpop.  2008 saw the debut of Davichi.  2009 is where this starts to get crazy; try to keep up with me:  t-ara, 2ne1, F(x), After School, 4minute, Rainbow, Secret, HAM, JQT, and Brand New Day.

      Is 10 girl group debuts in a single year enough in order to show that this debut craze is going strong?  2011 already has seen the debut of three different girl groups (Coin Jackson, Rania, and Brave Girls).

      Surely this trend is going to end, right?  No, no it’s not and here’s why I think so.

      Read More

    15. ›› Reblog from Tumblr: (CAUTION: contains vulgarities) KPop Secrets! - My honest opinion…

    16. Original Post:

      I’m korean and im into kpop, kdramas and that, but one thing that really weirds me out are non-asian people liking everything korean because of kpop. Im not being racist or anything but its so strange, i’ve told all my friends at school about it and they agree with me.

      Bash me or whatever, non-asian people liking kpop music, dramas and everything korean, its so out of the norm for us (my friends and I). Also, the vast amount of bashing on idol groups/artists from international fans is quite sad, seeing you people judge their comebacks/songs and saying “I’m so dissapointed in them/their album”, be fucking grateful that they are back (doesn’t matter how long their were on hiatus), appreciate their music and stop being such cry babies about it. At least the korean population in South Korea fully support their blood born idols.

      *NOTE: Like I said, no racism intended*

      I find this very…well offensive but also interesting…in a bad way.  This hits very hard at the heart of my blog and also the course of my life.  I want to be a Korean major and I would like to be a university teacher to teach Korean classes to others.  I’ve been into Korean things since I was 13 - 14 years old, I grew up with Korean pop.  This is 7 - 8 years of my life.  My feelings are hurt.  Korean nationalism is something I’m very familiar with but to have it right in my face like this bothers me.  So much in this posting is screaming ignorance, I hope that this poster is young. Is this poster not aware that when she posts about Kpop in English that they too are part of this international fan club?  Anyone raised outside of Korea is international even if they are Korean.  

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    18. this is the tag post so that I can make all my tags!

      this is the tag post so that I can make all my tags!

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