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      ›› What’s your playlist?

    1. Okay, so I graduated (junior college so not a huge deal) May 4th.  I haven’t had much internet access since!  I ended up going to my dad’s house that is 17 hours away right after graduation.  I have no idea what’s “cool” in Kpop right now so here’s what I’ve listened to today when I finally managed to steal a computer:

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    2. ›› Pepero Day!


      Now you can say you got pepero.  :)  Happy pepero day~ 

    4. ›› Finally, a new layout that’s permanent

    5. For people that may visit my site every other day or so you may have noticed I’ve played around with a lot of different layouts.  Finally, we have one I am happy with! 

      Expect more postage within sometime soon.  :)  Right now, however, I need to finish yet another essay.  You guys know anything about John Winthrop and his “Reasons to be Considered for Justifying the Undertakers of the Intended Plantation in New England?”

    6. ›› For University Level and Late High School Level Students Interested in Asian Studies

    7. This post mostly helps if you want to study in North America…and by that I mean the USA and Canada.  Since I am American this isn’t an issue for me, however, most of my readers are not in North America.  There are other places like Europe and Australia but this post does the most help if you’re looking at North American schools.

      Since I’m wrapping up the “looking around” part of transferring I found a website that may prove immensely helpful to prospective Asian studies students so that you don’t have to go through the same mess I did. The same mess I’m still working out.  

      First I would like to give you this link:  http://www.asian-studies.org/ 

      This link is the website for people who have degrees or are pursuing degrees in Asian Studies.  On this site you can find lists of colleges (universities) that offer various Asian studies degrees based on the country you click that you want to study.

      Second Link:  http://www.asian-studies.org/programs/main.htm

      This is the link that you can use to find those programs.  I clicked Korea and found a whole bunch of schools I didn’t know about that offer Korean and various Asian studies related majors in general!  

      While I am very certain about where I would like to transfer to already, I thought this site was a gift that needed to be shared with all who may be having difficulty.  Korean is not a commonly taught language here State-side and I thought I was doomed to try and transfer into an Ivy.  I didn’t want to try to transfer to an Ivy; they’re horribly expensive schools in expensive towns.  

      I hope this helps out you future Asian studies students!  Don’t get the same headache I did.  While I identify as a history student, I refused to go to a school where I couldn’t pick up the Asian history classes and the Korean language.  It was a mess, and I wish I had found this site sooner!  

    8. ›› Questions for Super Junior Fans (Fan Cafe Joining Related)

    9. I’ve recently gotten a lot of traffic from ELF trying to join SJ’s fan cafe to support the boy’s new album, and with this, I’m getting more comments and questions that I’m trying to answer.  

      Some of you are still having trouble joining their fan cafe even after I made a post on how to join their cafe specifically, so I would like to know if would a video tutorial help you out?  What specific problems are you having that I haven’t addressed?  Can you give me a screen shot?  I know there was a mix up on the check box that I corrected this morning but I got another comment saying there is still problems in joining.  I’m not sure what’s going wrong since I re-joined, following the tutorial, to see if I had a slip up in the tutorial somewhere and had no problems doing so.

      Please leave comments or tweet me or Tumblr ask me or just anyway to get a hold of me you can find and let me know.    

    10. ›› Oh my gosh, Chuseok is coming!

    11. (Picture credit:  Wikipedia’s Chuseok page)

      I’m not even Korean and I’m super excited about Chuseok!  It’s like Korean Thanksgiving except I don’t get to eat because I’m white and American and don’t celebrate, but it doesn’t stop the excitement.  It’s kind of like Seollal (Korean New Year) in that the excitement just doesn’t stop.  There are celebrities in hanbok and Chuseok specials to be had!  One thing I want to do in my life is to celebrate Chuseok.  Every year in Korea, thousands and thousands of people travel in order to get to their hometowns so that they may pay their respects to their ancestors and thank them for the harvest.  The graves of these ancestors are also tidied up.  Food is can also be shared with neighbors and friends.  There are also Korean folk games played.  It’s a happy time.  There’s a lot to be excited about.  

      Read More on Chuseok:  http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_6.jsp?cid=811650

      I’ll try to make something Korean-y for Chuseok.  I’ll take pictures!  But….no promises!  It probably won’t be anything traditional…the thought counts for something, you know!

      PS.  Awesome website I found while Googling Chuseok:  http://www.zenkimchi.com/FoodJournal/events-holidays/chuseok-spread/

    12. ›› Shinee debuts at number one on the DAILY Oricon…but

    13. Shinee’s Juliet just took the number one spot on the daily Oricon, however, their sales were low for a number one debut.  Their sales are low because they released their single the day before the new Oricon week started.  Have no fear Shawols, tomorrows sales are what you should wait for…normally.  This Kpop attack has me a bit uncertain of how things are going to work but the Oricon week starts tomorrow and it’s on the first day of the Oricon week were you get your highest sales.  

    14. ›› Let’s See How My Oricon Predictions Went

    15. After School Will Not Be in the Top Three:  Correct!

      Koda Kumi Will Keep Them Out of the Top Three:  Half-way correct, she did rank higher than them but she’s not a top three spot.

      2PM Will Be at 4th or 5th:  Correct!  They are at 4th!

      After School Will Be a Step Behind:  Wrong!  They’re at 7th!

      After School Will Remain in the Area They Debuted In:  Correct!  They debuted at 6th and ended at 7th which means they didn’t move too much!

      Keisuke Kuwata Will Do Better During the Week:  Correct!

      I could have done worse, especially since this was first day predictions!

    16. ›› awkward…and the Nsync of Asia award goes to…

    17. I had an awkward moment yesterday.  Turns out there’s a lot of Kpop fans in the USA outside of New York and LA.  I ran into three, at once, and they all disliked Super Junior. Therefore, awkwardness ensues!  Luckily, I was familiar with two of them enough already to not care too much.  

      Girl 1: “Did you buy the new SJ album?”

      Me:  ”Nah, it has like 10 covers so I decided not to bother.”

      Boy:  ”You listen to Super Junior?”

      Me:  ”Wait, you know Super Junior?”

      Boy:  ”Yeah, I’m half Asian.”
      Me:  ”Well, yeah but I didn’t know you listened to…” 

      Girl 2:  ”Oh gosh, Super Junior?  They have like 13 members.”
      Me:  ”It’s 10 right now.”

      Somehow this conversation resulted in Super Junior being declared the Nsync of Asia and that Super Junior M is the best sub-unit.  Now, if you don’t mind me I’m going to go listen to some “Nsync”.  

    18. ›› Girls, Girls, Girls….and cats!

    19. So many girl group magazine pictures this month!  Here are some of my favorites since there are so many!  It’s amazing.


      Read More

    20. ›› Where is the line to be drawn?


      Where do we draw the line between a healthy number of versions of an album and outright sleazy business?  

      Read More

    22. ›› After School pairs up with Hello Kitty and I make Oricon Predictions Far Too Early

    23. ….maximum cuteness has been achieved! New high score!



      After School debuted at number 6 on the daily Oricon.  I’m predicting a 4 - 6 weekly ranking for After School.  They’re up against some pretty stiff competition and I do not expect a top three spot for the weekly.  Koda Kumi, SDN48, and kanjani8 alone will keep them out of the top three and Keisuke Kuwata will make sure they stay out.  

      2PM and Koda Kumi are this weeks wild cards for me.  I don’t know where they’re going to end up yet so predictions aren’t 100% sure on my end this week.  However I see 4th or 5th for 2PM with After School falling in step behind them at 5th or 6th.  Unless After School pulls a mblaq and falls out of the top 20 completely at anytime this week (not likely) they should remain around the area they debuted in.  

      I’ll check the Oricon every other day or so to see what happens. I really wish I was more confident with 2PM and Koda Kumi.  Koda Kumi will probably make my guesses wrong this week.  I didn’t expect her to debut at a lower position than 2PM so I don’t know if she’ll make up ground on them or not.  I do, however, see Keisuke Kuwata doing better in the week. 

      All that being said, this is, after all, the first day of the week for the Oricon and I do these predictions for fun.  I enjoy predicting the Oricon to see how right or wrong I am and my predictions shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  

    24. ›› Please Stop Spamming the Ellen Thing

    25. The Ellen Show thing is OVER a year old.  Ellen put that page up when DBSK was still a band of 5.  I’m sick of seeing it everywhere; you aren’t making progress you’re just making us Kpop fans look like immature, spamming, brats.   Cassiopeia failed already so just stop.

      Thank you.

    26. ›› Internet Find: Ulzzang Date Makeup Tutorial

    27. I was on the internet looking for tutorials on how to clear up my skin (I had a run in with a product that broke me out T__T) and make it look fresh and dewy when I stumbled upon an absolutely adorable YouTube channel and blog.  While I’m not Asian, I thought the look in this tutorial was just too gorgeous to pass up without sharing.  

      (Warning:  She makes me wish I knew the word for adorable in Korean.  There’s lots of pink and girly-ness that I just love at her blog.) 

      Blog Tutorial Link: beautifymeeh.blogspot.com

      Youtube Tutorial Link:  youtube.com

      For those who don’t know what ulzzang (uljjang) is, ulzzang is a term in Korean that means “best face”.  It’s made up of the words 얼굴 (face) and 짱 (which is slang for best).  Ulzzangs can become very popular in their own right simply for looking really good.  In fact, there are a number of actors and singers that got their start as ulzzangs.  Ulzzangs can be male or female but the key factor is that they look good to the general population.  

      If you’re on Tumblr here is a number of blogs you can follow that post up Ulzzang pictures:





      PS.  Sorry the lack of pictures of what her tutorial does; I didn’t ask for permission to use them so it’s a respect thing.

    28. ›› My new found respect for 2NE1

    29. 2NE1 just released “Ugly” today and after reading the translation literally I must admit I was disappointed.  I am a very literal person I don’t like to dig around and run in circles for things that I feel should be obvious.  After stepping back and going “maybe it’s not meant to be taken literally,” my respect for 2NE1 sky rocketed.


      After sitting back and watching the music video and understanding the lyrics I felt like I had water splashed in my face.  How many girls have sat back and went “I think I’m ugly,” or “just like her I want to be pretty,” and “no body wants to love me”?  On my main tumblr blog I follow a “reason to lose weight” blog and someone submitted a reason that said “so I can find love.”  (reasonstoshed.tumblr.com)  I, just yesterday again at my main tumblr, made a post about the double standards in international Kpop fandom sparked by Siwon’s teaser photo.  It’s conflicting and difficult to be a girl sometimes and so much is based around our appearance and our own self-confidence.

      This song hits on so many feelings that girls do have and 2NE1 was the prefect group to release it.  2NE1 is easily the “ugly” girls of Kpop, with their boyish/tough image, they just don’t quite fit in with the SNSD/A-Pink/T-ara etc world of girl groups.  

      I think I’m ugly and nobody wants to love me

      Just like her I wanna be pretty

      Don’t lie to my face cause I know I’m ugly

      I’m just…flabbergasted to be honest.  For many girls this song hits home, hard.  Even I am going “I’m guilty of thinking of all the things said in the chorus.”

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