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      ›› T-ara Beats SNSD’s Record of Having the Highest Girl Group Debut Single Sales

    1. It’s official! Sunday, October 2nd, in Japan T-ara has surpassed SNSD’s Genie in terms of first week sales.  Genie was SNSD’s debut single and it debuted with 44,907 copies 

      T-ara stands at 47,864 with Bo Peep Bo Peep.  

      T-ara’s daily sales numbers are as follows:

      • 20,068 
      • 9,840
      • 4,379
      • 3,926
      • 6,125
      • 3,526


    2. ›› I’m calling it…I believe T-ara will take number 1 with their debut single on the weekly Oricon


      I believe T-ara is about to make history by having their Japanese debut single land at number one on the weekly Oricon charts.  How unfortunate isn’t not a better song.  

      Why do I believe they’ll be number one?  As it stands (current as of September 30th) T-ara has sold 38,213 copies and their closest competitor has sold 34,645.  SID is a group I can see over-taking T-ara but I do not see them doing it this week.   Out of four days they have been number one for two of them and in a close second on the other two.  First day sales are also going to help these girls keep their lead, unless, something really drastic happens.


      "Don’t lose your temper so quickly~"

    4. ›› Kpop in Japan…old school

    5. BoA was not the first Korean act to debut in Japan.  I don’t know who the first Korean act was but I do know that before BoA even debuted in Korea S.E.S were releasing Japanese albums.  I’m hooked on S.E.S’ Japanese remake of Shinhwa’s T.O.P take a listen:


      I’m in a very S.E.S-y mood right now.  

    6. ›› After School pairs up with Hello Kitty and I make Oricon Predictions Far Too Early

    7. ….maximum cuteness has been achieved! New high score!



      After School debuted at number 6 on the daily Oricon.  I’m predicting a 4 - 6 weekly ranking for After School.  They’re up against some pretty stiff competition and I do not expect a top three spot for the weekly.  Koda Kumi, SDN48, and kanjani8 alone will keep them out of the top three and Keisuke Kuwata will make sure they stay out.  

      2PM and Koda Kumi are this weeks wild cards for me.  I don’t know where they’re going to end up yet so predictions aren’t 100% sure on my end this week.  However I see 4th or 5th for 2PM with After School falling in step behind them at 5th or 6th.  Unless After School pulls a mblaq and falls out of the top 20 completely at anytime this week (not likely) they should remain around the area they debuted in.  

      I’ll check the Oricon every other day or so to see what happens. I really wish I was more confident with 2PM and Koda Kumi.  Koda Kumi will probably make my guesses wrong this week.  I didn’t expect her to debut at a lower position than 2PM so I don’t know if she’ll make up ground on them or not.  I do, however, see Keisuke Kuwata doing better in the week. 

      All that being said, this is, after all, the first day of the week for the Oricon and I do these predictions for fun.  I enjoy predicting the Oricon to see how right or wrong I am and my predictions shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  

    8. ›› This is why I started the Kpop in Japan Round Up

    9. Various Korean news portals are reporting Kim Hyun Joong has ranked first on the Oricon foreign album charts above the likes of Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

      김현중, 日서 레이디가가-비욘세 제쳤다

      Kim Hyun Joong,  beats out Lady Gaga - Beyonce.  

      This isn’t the case.  Proof:  http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/wa/w/  He ranks 4th after both Gaga and Beyonce.  

      Please remember to take news about Kpop in Japan from Korean sources with a grain of salt.  This title was taken from Sports Seoul.


      When supporting your favorite Kpop acts in Japan please make sure you are doing so with correct information.

    10. ›› Kpop in Japan Round Up: June 7th

    11. Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi, I am landing at first place on the Oricon~!

      Ok, so that’s not really how the song goes but, Shoujo shidai who released their Japanese debut album snagged first place on the weekly album charts.  Congrats to them.

      Single Weekly Rankings:  Jang Geun Suk’s single is still in the top 20, 2pm and SNSD are still in the top 30, and Kara is still in the top 35.

      Album Weekly Rankings I Missed: Big Bang where I expected a lower top 10 or upper top 20 spot came in at number 7.  That’s lower top 10~  FT Island also had their album take the number one spot on the weekly rankings!  

      Kpop in Japan Round Ups have gotten a bit boring on my end.  Do you like them?  If so say so.

      Do you like the round ups?

    12. ›› Kpop in Japan Round Up: May 25th

    13. Ah~ at this point it’s like reporting on the same artists again and again.  

      Featured Artists: FT Island, Big Bang, 2PM

      Big Bang, as I predicted, took the number one spot in their first week!  In their second week Big Bang fell to 5th place, however, there should be no hard feelings because Korean music group FT Island took first place!  

      Two weeks of Koreans taking the number one spot on the weekly Oricon album chart is super…sugoi?    

      Next, Big Bang’s album “The Ultimate - International Best” is currently ranking in the top five on the Oricon’s DAILY album chart on it’s release day.  I expect this album to land in the lower top ten or the upper top twenty for the week.

      2PM debuted at number four on the weekly singles chart and apparently set a new record for having the highest debut sales for their single “Take Off” beating SNSD’s record.  

      (For those unfamiliar with the Oricon, use the weekly charts to measure popularity not the daily charts.  Daily charts are good for measuring the weekly but the weekly chart is the one you should be concerned with.  Also the album chart is different from the singles chart.)

      Other Artists

      The girls SNSD and super star Jang Geun Suk (JGS) are still holding things down in the top twenty and Kara fell to 23rd.  Since my last posting JGS actually spent another week in the top ten landing at number eight for that week.  

    14. ›› Kpop in Japan Round Up: May 14th

    15. Featured:  MBLAQ, SNSD, Kara, Big Bang, and Jang Geun Suk!

      MBLAQ took SECOND PLACE on the weekly Oricon!  However, as of May 14th they have fallen completely out of the top 20 and 30.  Which usually means it was just their fanbase buying the single…not a good thing (it usually means a flop, however second place on the weekly Oricon will still garner attention).  They actually fell out of the top ten during their debut week so a number one position should not have been expected for their weekly spot. Here’s to hoping their next single fares better!  Fighting MBLAQ!

      Big Bang!  These boys are taking Japan by storm with their album!  I used to get very annoyed with over-zealous VIPs, who knew nothing of the Japanese Oricon, when they would always go around saying “well, big bang is dominating in Japan.”  They honestly weren’t.  However, that has changed!  Their new album is taking the first place spot in the daily album chart and has been enjoying the view from the top for days!  I’m willing to go out and say that this week belongs to Big Bang unless they, like MBLAQ, manage to go from a top spot to out of the top 10 completely.  Their closest competitor is Namie Amuro who had the top spot last week.  She is selling very consistently but the first day sales will help secure Big Bang the top spot this week.

      Back to the Oricon Singles Chart:

      Along with MBLAQ, SNSD and Jang Geun Suk are among the top 10! This makes week number two for SNSD and Jang Geun Suk.  SNSD just can’t seem to top Jang Geun Suk when it comes to those weekly numbers but they are both doing very well! 

      Kara, while not in the top 10, are in the top 20!  This is an accomplishment for Kara!  Spending five weeks in the top 20 with four of them being in the top 10 is nothing to be downplayed.  If you look at all the singles they’re surrounded by they have the earliest release date.  Jet Coaster Love is a hit and I’m really impressed.

    16. ›› Kpop in Japan Round Up: May 5th

    17. This week includes:  SNSD, Jang Geun Suk, and MBLAQ!

      This week was a firece battle on the Oricon between SNSD and actor Jang Geun Suk, who landed first on the charts?  Find out that and more under the cut! (Includes pictures and videos)

      Who came out on top of the charts this week; Jang Geun Suk with his debut single “Let Me Cry” while SNSD had to settle with second place with “Mr. Taxi” but these two Korean acts weren’t alone on the charts this week!  Kara with “Jet Coaster Love” held on to a top 10 spot for yet another week coming in at number nine!  This is Kara’s fourth week in the top ten!  That’s not all as well, on May 5th four of the ten spots on the daily charts are taken up by Korean artists!  힘내세요 Kpop!    



      Special Mention: FT Island These boys somehow fell through the cracks between the two weekly updates I’ve done.  


    18. ›› Kpop in Japan Round Up

    19. I tend to avoid Kpop artists Japanese works for this blog because this is a Korean language blog so I feel like I get no benefit in Japanese language things, but Super Junior is right in the blog description and they’re going to Japan!  So I decided I would do a Kpop in Japan roundup.  Enjoy the pictures and information under the cut.

      This week includes:  SNSD, Kara, Super Junior

      Read More

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