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      ›› It’s all about the aegyo!

    1. I learned something today that I can’t resist sharing.  


      Can you guess what physical feature they have in common before reading?

      Something I’ve known for a while but didn’t really care about was the fact that on Kpop idols having fat under their eyes, in Korea, is considered cute.  I wasn’t too phased by the trend but today I finally figured out what that fat is called.  Or at least a slang term for it.  It probably has a more technical term that I don’t know right now.  Anyway, that fat is called 애교살.  For those who can read Korean, now you know where I got the post title.  For those who can’t read Korean it is called “aegyo sal”.  

      Aegyo is a common term to describe idols who act cute for attention in Kpop fandom (SNSD’s Sunny is quite known for aegyo as is/was Super Junior’s Sungmin).  Aegyo means something like charm.  Aegyo is meant to draw people to you and most often it’s done in a cute manner.  

      Sunny:  Yoona has a lot of aegyosal!


      What’s fun about aegyo sal is that it means something like “charming fat”.  I also noticed that a some of the girls that are considered the most popular or the most attractive in their bands all have this trait.  Yoona, Kahi, Sulli, Ivy, Kang Minkyung, Hara, Suzy and Lee Hyori all have aegyo sal.

      Aegyo sal should not be confused with bags under the eyes from a lack of sleep, however.  There is a difference.

      Do you have a favorite idol with “charming fat” under their eyes?  I’ve always been drawn to Seohyun’s myself when I noticed such things.


      Enjoy the aegyo sal!





    2. ›› Slang? What is 완판녀?

    3. What is a 완판녀?  I did some searching today and I’m still not completely sure but I get the impression that it is a women that is capable of selling things.  And not just like normal sales but making the things they advertise sell out.  People want want wanpannyeo’s are selling.

      Why did I look this up?  Because of this:

      "소녀시대 잡지 품절, `완판녀` 등극…1등은 서현 2등은 윤아"

      This means something like “Girls Generation’s Magazines Sell Out, `완판녀` crowned 1st place is Seohyun 2nd place is Yoona.”  

      The nine girls were on the cover for Marie Claire recently.  It was a special edition of Marie Claire that had a cover for each of the nine members.  So this is basically saying Seohyun’s version sold out first and then came Yoona.    

      Vocab Time:

      잡지 - magazine

      품절 - to be sold out / to run out of stock

      등극 - crowned / to be crowned

      등 - rank / ranking

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    5. this is the tag post so that I can make all my tags!

      this is the tag post so that I can make all my tags!

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