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      ›› That is Soshi’s Tayeon, right?

    1. ‘소시’ 태연 맞아? ‘청순실종’…파격 의상 충격적

      Soshi’s Taeyeon right?  ’Innocence disappears’… exceptional shocking costume!

      맞아 - right?

      ‘청순실종’ - innocence + disappears, to go away, gone

      파격 - In this case it means exceptional

      의상 - clothes, garment, costume

      충격적- shocking

      I am fairly confident that the translation of 파격 does not mean cheap in this case since Taeyeon has been credited as “being responsible for sexy Soshi,” which doesn’t sound like an insult to me.

      Want the full sized image? It’s under the cut!  

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    2. ›› Girl Group Diets


      I can’t be the only girl in Kpop fandom that’s looked at the bodies of these girl groups and at some point went “want”, I really can’t.  

      These diets, however, get a lot of controversy from international fans and some of it is misinformed.  That’s what this post is for.  This post will cover Kara and Soshi since they are the two most known for their diets and bodies.  

      Disclaimer:  I do not endorse or encourage anyone to try any type of diet at all.  This post is purely educational; you do diets at your own risk, after consulting a doctor.  I am not a doctor!  I am not qualified to help you with your diet in anyway/shape/form.  This post is based on research and personal experience only.

      Kara - “We Starve Ourselves”

      This one IS unhealthy!  Avoid this one at all costs!  Their diet where they watch calories and carbohydrate intake is much healthier.  However, that diet is very similar to SNSD’s.  

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    4. ›› SDN 48 and Jung Siyeon

    5. A Korean actress will be in the group SDN48’s third generation.  I thought this was very interesting so I decided to look it up!


      새로운 한류의 신호탄?

      New Hallyu flare?

      새로운 - new

      한류의 - hallyu (+grammar marker that indicates possession) 

      신호탄 - flare

      영화배우 정시연, 일본 걸 그룹 SDN48 정식 데뷔

      Actress Jung Siyeon, to formally debut in Japanese girl group SDN48.

      영화배우 - actress

      일본 - Japan/Japanese

      걸 - girl (Konglish)

      그룹 - group (Konglish)

      정식 - formally

      데뷔 - debut (Konglish)

      Curious about the band she’s debuting into?  SDN48 is a sister group to AKB48 (yes, that AKB48, the one smashing records right now) and this far into their career they’ve shown strong interests in debuting in Korea and producing Korean language music.  They even have a song called “Ai chuseyo”  (Love Please) which has Korean right in the title.  They are “adult idols” so don’t expect the stuff you see from SNSD, Kara, or even their sister groups.  None of the girls are minors.  Consider the fact they’re called “adult idols” and that none of them are minors your full warning about anything SDN48.

    6. ›› Big Bang’s Daesung Involved In a Car Accident

    7. Daesung from Big Bang was involved in a car accident around 1AM about 40 minutes outside of Seoul.

      A motorcyclist who had been hit in a hit and run accident was being assisted by the driver of  a stopped taxi.  Daesung was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting the stopped taxi and the unfortunate turn events lead to the motorcyclist, already injured from the previous hit and run, dying. After the accident Daesung was tested for alcohol levels in his blood and it was confirmed that he was not drinking and driving. Daesung was taken to the Yeongdeung police station after the accident. 


      There are no mentions of him being injured, so fangirls don’t fret about that.  Please, keep the family of the deceased in your thoughts and prayers, they’re going to need them.  How heartbreaking for them. 


      • ›› Girls Day “Scandal” - Are they showing underwear?

      • I wanted to post something about this because this is how misunderstandings happen and anti fans form:  Girls Day were not showing off their underwear in their short-short outfits.  


        The white shorts you’re seeing are called dancers shorts, or spankies.  They’re tight, short shorts and, on the contrary, you wear them in order to hide your underwear.  Dancers, cheerleaders, and performers use them often in short outfits. 

        걸스데이 기저귀패션 논란 해명 “반바지인데 춤추다 보니…”

        Rough Translation:  Girls Day’s diaper fashion controversy explanation “it is dance shorts you’re seeing”

        걸스데 - Girls Day

        이 - subject marker

        기저귀 - diaper

        패션 - fashion (Konglish)

        논란 - controversy 

        해명 - explanation

        반바지 - shorts

        춤추다 - do a dance

        보니 - watch, see

        Source:  tvreport.co.kr

      • ›› 가요계 부는 걸그룹 열풍 ‘하반기 나올 걸그룹만 12팀’

      • "가요계 부는 걸그룹 열풍 ‘하반기 나올 걸그룹만 12팀’"

        What does this mean?  This means 12 more girl groups are debuting this year alone.  My gosh, STOP IT.  I adore girl groups but oh my gosh 12 MORE THIS YEAR ALONE?!?  NO, just no.


        가요계 - the world of singers

        걸그룹 - girl group

        열풍 - craze

        12팀 - 12 teams

        하반기 - the second half of the year


      • ›› Kpop Korean Lesson: Kara - Pretty Girl

      • 어디서나 당당하게걷기

        Anywhere you go, walk confidently.  

        The video I was watching has it translated as “Walk confidently anywhere you go.”  Same thing, no?  

        youtube credits: gossipwhatever

        Anyway, breaking down 어디서나 당당하게걷기 is actually kind of fun.

        어디서나 - anywhere

        당당하 - confident

        게 - makes confident an adverb, aka it’s now confidently.  The general rule of thumb is that adverbs modify verbs.  (Also adverbs modify adjectives and other adverbs, but, if nothing else, remember that they modify verbs.) In this case confident(ly) is describing you how you should walk.  Walk is the verb.  

        (PS. 게 also means crab)  

        걷기 - walk

        Can you put the parts together now?  

      • ›› Kpop IS a valuable learning tool (Song Jieun - Going Crazy)

      • Song: Song Jieun (family name is Song) - Going Crazy

        Korean Title:  미친거니

        Meaning of Korean Title:  something like “have you gone crazy?” going crazy is a nice translation for the title.  

        The rap is much too fast for me to follow but for other parts there are words that are repeated enough to be learned and memorized.  Phrases like “where” (어디), “why” (왜), 미치 means “crazy” and 미친 means crazy too, “no” (안야, 안니요, 안니야 ), you and I (너 and 나), and “I’m suffocating” (숨이 막혀) are used frequently in this song.

        Brief Vocab Lesson and Explanation:

        숨 - has something to do with breath and breathing so you will see it a lot in phrases like “I’m suffocating.”  

        어디 - really does mean where.  It will be used as “where is this, where is that” and “wherever”.  

        In the video, the words for you and I where combined largely with grammar markers.  So, 너 and 난 are both “I” but one is joined with 는 to mean something like “I am.”  However, Korea is not a subject dependent language, at least not to the extent English is so in the sentience 숨이 막혀, if I is the understood subject then it can be translated as “I’m suffocating” even though it does not have 난 in front.

        (Source: youtube.com)

      • ›› Kpop in Japan Round Up

      • I tend to avoid Kpop artists Japanese works for this blog because this is a Korean language blog so I feel like I get no benefit in Japanese language things, but Super Junior is right in the blog description and they’re going to Japan!  So I decided I would do a Kpop in Japan roundup.  Enjoy the pictures and information under the cut.

        This week includes:  SNSD, Kara, Super Junior

        Read More

      • ›› Vocab: 소녀시대, 섹시 카리스마 무장한 ‘옐로 소시’ 변신

      • "SNSD, armed with sexy charisma transform into Yellow Soshi."  

        A real article title I took from Naver.  I happen to like Yellow Soshi.

        Vocab time!

        Sonyeoshidae - Era of girls 소녀시대 (often put at Girls’ Generation)

        섹시 - sexy (this is an English word put in Korean letters)

        카리스마 - charisma (this is an English word put in Korean letters)

        무장한 - armed (like to arm oneself with something) 무장 is the verb.  (Naver Dictionary)

        옐로 - Yellow (this is an English word put in Korean letters)

        소시 - soshi

        변신 - transformation / change into (Naver Dictionary)

      • ›› Opinion Time! The Rush to Be First in International Fandom

      • Something I’ve noticed is that there are fansites popping up everywhere in Kpop-dom…for bands that have yet to debut, or even release a teaser of what their music sounds like.  

        February 12th, a site for APink (a band that dropped their first album yesterday) already had purchased expensive forum software and made their own rules and more.  This means they started a site for a band that didn’t even debut until over two months later.  This band didn’t even release a music teaser until this month.

        How does the owner of this site know that they will even like the band if they don’t even have a teaser to go by?  Or even pre-debut videos?    

        I am willing to go as far at to say that the owner didn’t create this site out of love for these girls; they did it to be first.  In Kpop international fandom if you do not own the first forum you do not get as much attention as the one that did.  For some odd reason Kpop fans believe that there should only be one site for each artist.  

        I am not trying to single out just this particular forum; I only use it as an example because I was on their site today.  The Brave Girls forum also started before the band even debuted.  

        I think this trend is ridiculous.  Make a site because you enjoy the artist, not to be first.  You’re taking away from someone that will actually be their fan that could have created the next big thing.  (See Soshified for example.)   

      • ›› "Strap Me Down Into My Chair"

      • New girl group is out and about in Korea and they’re making quite a bit of noise.  The entry title is an actual line from their debut song.  This girl group, known as Rania, debuted with a Teddy Riley produced song titled “Dr. Feel Good”.  

        Too sexy for Korea?  Check it out under the cut: (may or may not be overly sexual.  Depends on your tastes)

        Read More

      • ›› Reblog from Tumblr: (CAUTION: contains vulgarities) KPop Secrets! - My honest opinion…

      • Original Post:

        I’m korean and im into kpop, kdramas and that, but one thing that really weirds me out are non-asian people liking everything korean because of kpop. Im not being racist or anything but its so strange, i’ve told all my friends at school about it and they agree with me.

        Bash me or whatever, non-asian people liking kpop music, dramas and everything korean, its so out of the norm for us (my friends and I). Also, the vast amount of bashing on idol groups/artists from international fans is quite sad, seeing you people judge their comebacks/songs and saying “I’m so dissapointed in them/their album”, be fucking grateful that they are back (doesn’t matter how long their were on hiatus), appreciate their music and stop being such cry babies about it. At least the korean population in South Korea fully support their blood born idols.

        *NOTE: Like I said, no racism intended*

        I find this very…well offensive but also interesting…in a bad way.  This hits very hard at the heart of my blog and also the course of my life.  I want to be a Korean major and I would like to be a university teacher to teach Korean classes to others.  I’ve been into Korean things since I was 13 - 14 years old, I grew up with Korean pop.  This is 7 - 8 years of my life.  My feelings are hurt.  Korean nationalism is something I’m very familiar with but to have it right in my face like this bothers me.  So much in this posting is screaming ignorance, I hope that this poster is young. Is this poster not aware that when she posts about Kpop in English that they too are part of this international fan club?  Anyone raised outside of Korea is international even if they are Korean.  

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