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      ›› Oh my gosh, Chuseok is coming!

    1. (Picture credit:  Wikipedia’s Chuseok page)

      I’m not even Korean and I’m super excited about Chuseok!  It’s like Korean Thanksgiving except I don’t get to eat because I’m white and American and don’t celebrate, but it doesn’t stop the excitement.  It’s kind of like Seollal (Korean New Year) in that the excitement just doesn’t stop.  There are celebrities in hanbok and Chuseok specials to be had!  One thing I want to do in my life is to celebrate Chuseok.  Every year in Korea, thousands and thousands of people travel in order to get to their hometowns so that they may pay their respects to their ancestors and thank them for the harvest.  The graves of these ancestors are also tidied up.  Food is can also be shared with neighbors and friends.  There are also Korean folk games played.  It’s a happy time.  There’s a lot to be excited about.  

      Read More on Chuseok:  http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_6.jsp?cid=811650

      I’ll try to make something Korean-y for Chuseok.  I’ll take pictures!  But….no promises!  It probably won’t be anything traditional…the thought counts for something, you know!

      PS.  Awesome website I found while Googling Chuseok:  http://www.zenkimchi.com/FoodJournal/events-holidays/chuseok-spread/

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