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      ›› After School pairs up with Hello Kitty and I make Oricon Predictions Far Too Early

    1. ….maximum cuteness has been achieved! New high score!



      After School debuted at number 6 on the daily Oricon.  I’m predicting a 4 - 6 weekly ranking for After School.  They’re up against some pretty stiff competition and I do not expect a top three spot for the weekly.  Koda Kumi, SDN48, and kanjani8 alone will keep them out of the top three and Keisuke Kuwata will make sure they stay out.  

      2PM and Koda Kumi are this weeks wild cards for me.  I don’t know where they’re going to end up yet so predictions aren’t 100% sure on my end this week.  However I see 4th or 5th for 2PM with After School falling in step behind them at 5th or 6th.  Unless After School pulls a mblaq and falls out of the top 20 completely at anytime this week (not likely) they should remain around the area they debuted in.  

      I’ll check the Oricon every other day or so to see what happens. I really wish I was more confident with 2PM and Koda Kumi.  Koda Kumi will probably make my guesses wrong this week.  I didn’t expect her to debut at a lower position than 2PM so I don’t know if she’ll make up ground on them or not.  I do, however, see Keisuke Kuwata doing better in the week. 

      All that being said, this is, after all, the first day of the week for the Oricon and I do these predictions for fun.  I enjoy predicting the Oricon to see how right or wrong I am and my predictions shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  

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