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      ›› Kpop Takes Over YouTube: Official Artist and Company YouTube Channels

    1. This list was done mostly out of curiosity.  I also have become aware that in many fandoms getting view counts on official videos has become important.  So here is a list of accounts I can find that are official.  This is by no means complete but I will try to keep it updated as I find more.

      SM Entertainment:

      Nega Network:

      LOEN Entertainment:

      For the record, there is another LOEN floating around but it uploads MVs by artists that aren’t from LOEN Entertainment which is why I didn’t link it.

      DSP Entertainment:

      YG Entertainment:

      Cube Entertainment:

      CJ Entertainment: 

      For the record:  CJ Entertainment is a MASSIVE company in Korea.  MNet Media and many other smaller labels fall under the CJ Entertainment label.  You’ll find both Epik High and T-ara on this page.  If you don’t know what label your favorite artist is from try this channel first.

      FNC Music:

      Happy Face Entertainment:

      Paramount Music:

      Star Empire Entertainment

      JTune Camp

      JYP Entertainment

        I’ll update if I find more.  Check the tags for the artists you’ll find at these channels.

        Updated: August 19th 2011

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