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      ›› My new found respect for 2NE1

    1. 2NE1 just released “Ugly” today and after reading the translation literally I must admit I was disappointed.  I am a very literal person I don’t like to dig around and run in circles for things that I feel should be obvious.  After stepping back and going “maybe it’s not meant to be taken literally,” my respect for 2NE1 sky rocketed.


      After sitting back and watching the music video and understanding the lyrics I felt like I had water splashed in my face.  How many girls have sat back and went “I think I’m ugly,” or “just like her I want to be pretty,” and “no body wants to love me”?  On my main tumblr blog I follow a “reason to lose weight” blog and someone submitted a reason that said “so I can find love.”  (reasonstoshed.tumblr.com)  I, just yesterday again at my main tumblr, made a post about the double standards in international Kpop fandom sparked by Siwon’s teaser photo.  It’s conflicting and difficult to be a girl sometimes and so much is based around our appearance and our own self-confidence.

      This song hits on so many feelings that girls do have and 2NE1 was the prefect group to release it.  2NE1 is easily the “ugly” girls of Kpop, with their boyish/tough image, they just don’t quite fit in with the SNSD/A-Pink/T-ara etc world of girl groups.  

      I think I’m ugly and nobody wants to love me

      Just like her I wanna be pretty

      Don’t lie to my face cause I know I’m ugly

      I’m just…flabbergasted to be honest.  For many girls this song hits home, hard.  Even I am going “I’m guilty of thinking of all the things said in the chorus.”

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