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      ›› Music You Might Have Missed: Rumble Fish - I love you, I love you


      Have you ever had the feeling of regret after listening to something for the first time and it’s like “why didn’t I get into this band sooner?”  This is that song.  I’ve heard of Rumble Fish but I never checked them out and this was my first time listening to anything by them…or should I say her.  Rumble Fish used to be an actual band-band but all of the other members left and now Choi Jinyi is solo but using the name.    

      About the Song:  Another ballad…I didn’t choose it because it was a ballad, promise!  It’s just that all the bands that catch my attention are releasing ballads right now, I guess.  I’ve been going to Ihoneydew and looking at bands and picking the one that catches my eye.  That said it’s a love ballad.  It says things like “I love you, I’m sorry, I was a fool please come back.” Her voice is very pretty, as mentioned previously, I am full of a sense of “it took me this long to listen to her?”  I am pleased with this song.  It’s actually simple enough that on first listen it’s possible to sing along with parts of it.  (Mostly the I love you, I love you but still….)   If I were to rate it I’d give it a 4 out of 5.  The beginning isn’t the most interesting and I almost skipped the song because of it.  The build to the chorus is what kept me listening after not being impressed with the beginning.  

      Looking at the lyrics, not an overly complicated song.  I will do a vocab lesson on it soon.  If Tumblr doesn’t eat my post.  My really long Hyuna Bubble Pop mini-album review was obliterated.    

      Release Date: 07/13/11

      Korean Title:  사랑해요 사랑해요

      English Title:  I love you, I love you

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