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      ›› Dear Kpop Fans: Stop Feeding the Trolls

    1. Please allow me to stand on my soap box for a moment, thank you.  Remember this blog is also for my Korea related thoughts.

      Little annoys me more on the internet than the out-right troll feeding that takes place in anything related to Korean pop culture.  Kpop fans WILL always take the bait.  This seems to be a without fail fact.  Then they [Kpop fans] will make comments just as hateful and racist as before mentioned troll.  Attacking Lady Gaga isn’t going to change the fact someone didn’t like the Kpop song.  Claiming that BoA is 100x more talented than everyone in the USA and should be a huge star there won’t suddenly make it true.  Attacking the United States isn’t going to make Korea any better or make more people like Kpop.  

      We fight among ourselves and we say horrible things about other countries.  What does this prove?  Attacking China, Japan, or the USA doesn’t make all things Korea superior.  

      It has gotten to the point that Kpop news/gossip sites will post sensationalized out-right lies about in order to somehow prove the Korean wave is going strong.  

      What exactly are we accomplishing with this mentality that everyone must love Kpop?  It’s very alienating.  

      Please Kpop fans, stop the cycle of feeding the trolls and then, unknowingly, becoming one yourself.

      1. koreadistrict posted this
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