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      ›› SMTown Paris - Le Monde Summary

    1. SM Town Paris landed in Le Monde news.  If you become familiar with anything French (outside a high school French class in most cases) you’ll hear Le Monde pop up at least once.  Le Monde means “The World” it’s a daily newspaper that covers various things and world affairs.

      SM Town Paris landed in Le Monde and since my French is better than my Korean I decided to do a brief overview of the article.  Needless to say, I was fairly excited to see Le Monde and SM Town together.  

      Word of warning, it’s not my fault if the article forgot to mention your favorite boy band.

      Translations may not be perfect but I tried!

      La vague pop coréenne gagne l’Europe

      The Korean Pop Wave reaches Europe


      Seoul (South Korea) Special CORRESPONDENCE - 

      After conquering Asia, K-pop attacks the European market.  On the 10th and 11th of June, 14,000 European fans of Kpop (vibrated?) at Zenith of Pairs to the melodies and rhythms of groups Shinee, F(x), and the encore Girls’ Generation. The groups of boys and girls imagined by the production companies have made music an export product, with the backing of South Korean authorities, who see this as a way to sell a positive and dynamic image of the country.

      Article Summary:  

      It starts talking about the foundation of SM Ent.  

      Lee Soo Man was in entertainer in the 1970’s and that YG and JYP are SM’s major competition.  It talks about BoA and her success in Asia and her venture in America.  SM has 170 employees and 60 entertainers in its company and is now being run by Kang YoungMin.

      (Side note:  Please stop bashing Lee Soo Man, there is a reason the SM artists highly respect him and he’s not even the CEO anymore and hasn’t been for awhile.)

      It talks about the advantages of Shinee and F(x) and how Kpop is spreading through social networks.  When European fans were asked what they liked about Kpop they were quoted as saying it’s the outstanding performances, a more American style/feel, and less of a Jpop style (clothing-wise).  The reason for the Jpop comparison is because the article said most of the Kpop fans in the attendance found Kpop through Jpop.

      The article ends saying that Korean authorities believe Kpop is a way to promote awareness of the country of Korea.  It then goes on and states that Korea is heavily dependent on the export of cars and electronics but now also it’s culture.

      (Source: lemonde.fr)

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