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      I can’t be the only girl in Kpop fandom that’s looked at the bodies of these girl groups and at some point went “want”, I really can’t.  

      These diets, however, get a lot of controversy from international fans and some of it is misinformed.  That’s what this post is for.  This post will cover Kara and Soshi since they are the two most known for their diets and bodies.  

      Disclaimer:  I do not endorse or encourage anyone to try any type of diet at all.  This post is purely educational; you do diets at your own risk, after consulting a doctor.  I am not a doctor!  I am not qualified to help you with your diet in anyway/shape/form.  This post is based on research and personal experience only.

      Kara - “We Starve Ourselves”

      This one IS unhealthy!  Avoid this one at all costs!  Their diet where they watch calories and carbohydrate intake is much healthier.  However, that diet is very similar to SNSD’s.  

      SNSD - the 1200 and 1500 calorie diets

      Not as unhealthy as international fans think it is, at first glance.  

      1200 calories is the minimum amount of calories needed to 1) lose weight and 2) to ensure you get all your daily nutrients (healthfitness.frs.com).  Any lower than 1200 is dangerous, unless directed by a doctor, however, 1200 is not dangerous in itself for many FULLY GROWN women losing weight.  (That number is dangerous for men and minors.)  

      Calorie level depends largely on activity level among other factors.  Exercise increases the amount of calories you’re allowed to have in a day.  Lets say Tiffany burns 200 calories swimming that means she adds that 200 she burned to the 1500 (livestrong.com).  

      The calorie number is very individualized you can’t just pick one and go “that number will help me lose weight,” if this diet appeals to you, see a doctor (livestrong.com)!

      If you are a minor do not attempt this diet, unless, instructed so by a doctor.

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