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      ›› Kpop in Japan Round Up: May 25th

    1. Ah~ at this point it’s like reporting on the same artists again and again.  

      Featured Artists: FT Island, Big Bang, 2PM

      Big Bang, as I predicted, took the number one spot in their first week!  In their second week Big Bang fell to 5th place, however, there should be no hard feelings because Korean music group FT Island took first place!  

      Two weeks of Koreans taking the number one spot on the weekly Oricon album chart is super…sugoi?    

      Next, Big Bang’s album “The Ultimate - International Best” is currently ranking in the top five on the Oricon’s DAILY album chart on it’s release day.  I expect this album to land in the lower top ten or the upper top twenty for the week.

      2PM debuted at number four on the weekly singles chart and apparently set a new record for having the highest debut sales for their single “Take Off” beating SNSD’s record.  

      (For those unfamiliar with the Oricon, use the weekly charts to measure popularity not the daily charts.  Daily charts are good for measuring the weekly but the weekly chart is the one you should be concerned with.  Also the album chart is different from the singles chart.)

      Other Artists

      The girls SNSD and super star Jang Geun Suk (JGS) are still holding things down in the top twenty and Kara fell to 23rd.  Since my last posting JGS actually spent another week in the top ten landing at number eight for that week.  

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