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      ›› Daum Tutorial Series: Join a Fan Cafe

    1. I realize the reason why most Kpop fans join Daum is to join their favorite artists official fan cafe.  Yes, the cafes that are ranked every month to determine who has the biggest group of fans.  So today, we’re going to join a fan cafe and then leave a fan cafe.  However, you may join more than one fan cafe!

      (Need to join Daum?  Here’s that tutorial:  koreadistrict.tumblr.com)


      To join a fan cafe you’re going to have to log into Daum if you aren’t already.  Then you’re going to see something like this:


      For me this one seems obvious.  Do you see the little coffee cup?  What do you drink at a cafe?  Coffee (or tea)!  Click the coffee cup to be redirected to the cafe area.  Also on this picture I provided a brief translation of a couple other things.  When you join Daum you are given a “hanmail” email account.  So if the 메일 thing has a 1 it’s probably the welcome to Daum email.  메일 literally says Mail.

      Now, you’re going to be on a screen that’s very confusing.  We’re going to use the search engine instead of sorting through the mess most of us probably have difficulty understanding.


      카라 - Kara

      아이유 - IU

      보아 - BoA

      소녀시대 - Girls’ Generation

      동방신기 - DBSK

      슈퍼주니어 - Super Junior

      샤이니 - Shinee

      에프엑스 - f(x)

      JYJ - JYJ (the English will get results)

      애프터스쿨 - After School

      치치 - CHI CHI

      포미닛 - 4minute

      기나 - G.Na

      비스트 - Beast

      빅방 - Big Bang

      투애니원 - 2NE1

      Ok, this list is getting a little too lengthy so I’m going to quit there.  If you have any questions of how to put your favorites stars name into Korean go ahead and take it to my ask area:  http://koreadistrict.tumblr.com/ask you do not need a tumblr account to ask questions as far as I know.

      On the search results page things are going to be a little more confusing…at first glance.  


      That should help a bit with the confusion.  However, now you might be asking what does 인기도 | 정확도 | 카페랭킹 | 회원수 | 최근개설일 mean?  

      인기도 = popularity, 정확도 = accuracy, 카페랭킹 = Cafe ranking, 회원수 = actual membership, 최근개설일 = recently opened

      Kara fans should know that Kara didn’t debut until 2007 so why does the creation date say 2004?  Fan cafe owners can change their cafe topics, maybe you’ve heard about the DBSK cafe changing into a JYJ only cafe?  Anyway, chances are that this was a cafe for another artist formerly and was turned into a Kara one.  Don’t be too thrown off by creation dates.  


      There a couple of things going on on the cafe page.  First that pink button at the top that means it is recognized by Daum as the artists top cafe.  So if you want to count in the monthly fan rankings join those that have that pink button.  

      When you click the join page you will be taken to another page…that varies by cafe.  For the Kara cafe all I have to do is agree to their rules and conditions, however, when I joined the CHI CHI cafe I had to state I was their fan.  If you are on a join page that requires you to click a bubble stating your relation to the artist go for the one that says 팬입니다 which means “I am a fan.”  Make sure you click the one that has 팬 in it!  The CHI CHI cafe gave me the option of saying I was from the band!  So it’s important you click the one that says you’re a fan!  Another kicker, some cafes won’t let you sign up at all if you do not have a South Korean SSN, for example Lee Hyori’s recongized cafe.  Last kicker, some fan cafes will require you to answer a question about the artist…in Korean of course.  Have google translate or something ready for joining these places.  

      For Comparison:




      Lee Hyolee


      CHI CHI

      Now that you’re on the “I agree to the terms” page make sure you mark the important check boxes and then hit the “submit” button.



      Now you’ve officially joined a fan cafe!  In this case I am now part of Kara’s fan cafe!  

      Now, leaving is the hard part…kind of.  I searched FOREVER to find the leave link only to find it at the very bottom left of the page.  To make your search easier copy this “탈퇴” and use the ctrl+f function (aka search) to find it.  Click it and you should leave…however, it’s not letting me leave the Super Junior Fancafe right now.  Maybe because I just joined it for the sake of leaving it for this tutorial so instead I’m going on my other Daum account (the one I didn’t make for this tutorial) and leaving one I’ve been in longer.  


      When you click the button you will get a pop up.  Click the button on the left of the pop up in order to leave.  You will then get a screen like this:  


      You’ve now left a fan cafe!  

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