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      ›› Kpop in Japan Round Up

    1. I tend to avoid Kpop artists Japanese works for this blog because this is a Korean language blog so I feel like I get no benefit in Japanese language things, but Super Junior is right in the blog description and they’re going to Japan!  So I decided I would do a Kpop in Japan roundup.  Enjoy the pictures and information under the cut.

      This week includes:  SNSD, Kara, Super Junior

      Starting off:  Kara because their news is the oldest.  Kara secured a weekly number one on the Japanese Oricon chart with Jet Coaster Love.  Kara is my favorite girl group (believe it or not) so I, of course, threw a mini party in celebration.

      Next is SNSD:  How will these girls fare on the charts with Mr. Taxi?  Considering Kara just obtained the number one position I feel like it’s safe to say these girls will be in a top four spot this week.  Wednesday is a hot release day so they may, like Kara, not debut in the position they’re going to land in but I feel as though they’ll do very well.  Their physical sales tend to be a bit higher than Kara’s due to their larger international base so it will be an interesting week to watch. 

      Next it is none other than Super Junior!  These boys are releasing a Japanese version of Miina titled Bijin in June!  

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