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      ›› Slang? What is 완판녀?

    1. What is a 완판녀?  I did some searching today and I’m still not completely sure but I get the impression that it is a women that is capable of selling things.  And not just like normal sales but making the things they advertise sell out.  People want want wanpannyeo’s are selling.

      Why did I look this up?  Because of this:

      "소녀시대 잡지 품절, `완판녀` 등극…1등은 서현 2등은 윤아"

      This means something like “Girls Generation’s Magazines Sell Out, `완판녀` crowned 1st place is Seohyun 2nd place is Yoona.”  

      The nine girls were on the cover for Marie Claire recently.  It was a special edition of Marie Claire that had a cover for each of the nine members.  So this is basically saying Seohyun’s version sold out first and then came Yoona.    

      Vocab Time:

      잡지 - magazine

      품절 - to be sold out / to run out of stock

      등극 - crowned / to be crowned

      등 - rank / ranking

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