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      ›› Opinion Time! The Rush to Be First in International Fandom

    1. Something I’ve noticed is that there are fansites popping up everywhere in Kpop-dom…for bands that have yet to debut, or even release a teaser of what their music sounds like.  

      February 12th, a site for APink (a band that dropped their first album yesterday) already had purchased expensive forum software and made their own rules and more.  This means they started a site for a band that didn’t even debut until over two months later.  This band didn’t even release a music teaser until this month.

      How does the owner of this site know that they will even like the band if they don’t even have a teaser to go by?  Or even pre-debut videos?    

      I am willing to go as far at to say that the owner didn’t create this site out of love for these girls; they did it to be first.  In Kpop international fandom if you do not own the first forum you do not get as much attention as the one that did.  For some odd reason Kpop fans believe that there should only be one site for each artist.  

      I am not trying to single out just this particular forum; I only use it as an example because I was on their site today.  The Brave Girls forum also started before the band even debuted.  

      I think this trend is ridiculous.  Make a site because you enjoy the artist, not to be first.  You’re taking away from someone that will actually be their fan that could have created the next big thing.  (See Soshified for example.)   

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