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      ›› Korean Vocabulary: Money

    1. I just got home not too long ago from an event called Big Friday.  Today at Big Friday was election day and I was up for treasurer, I came out victorious!  I am now Arete treasurer! Arete is the name given to my college’s honors students.  :)  Since I am now treasurer I decided to learn more about money…in Korean!

      • 돈 - money
      • 원 - Korean currency, the won! 카드 - card, credit card
      • 체크카드 - check card
      • 비자체크카드 - Visa check card
      • 달러 - dollar

      Video of “Don’t Don” is under the cut. It’s by Super Junior and deals with money and people’s selfishness.  It’s an SMP so expect a message in it.  Don’t Don is a play on the words “donda” and “don” which mean “to go crazy” and “money” respectively.  돈다 is “to go crazy”, however, the Korean title 돈돈 literally means “money, money”.  Don’t Don is full of things that you have to be raised with Korean to truly understand, unfortunately.  I remember Korean translators going nuts over how to translate this song because it was full of poetry (for lack a better term) and things that just don’t make sense in a non-Korean context.

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