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      ›› Reblog from Tumblr: (CAUTION: contains vulgarities) KPop Secrets! - My honest opinion…

    1. Original Post:

      I’m korean and im into kpop, kdramas and that, but one thing that really weirds me out are non-asian people liking everything korean because of kpop. Im not being racist or anything but its so strange, i’ve told all my friends at school about it and they agree with me.

      Bash me or whatever, non-asian people liking kpop music, dramas and everything korean, its so out of the norm for us (my friends and I). Also, the vast amount of bashing on idol groups/artists from international fans is quite sad, seeing you people judge their comebacks/songs and saying “I’m so dissapointed in them/their album”, be fucking grateful that they are back (doesn’t matter how long their were on hiatus), appreciate their music and stop being such cry babies about it. At least the korean population in South Korea fully support their blood born idols.

      *NOTE: Like I said, no racism intended*

      I find this very…well offensive but also interesting…in a bad way.  This hits very hard at the heart of my blog and also the course of my life.  I want to be a Korean major and I would like to be a university teacher to teach Korean classes to others.  I’ve been into Korean things since I was 13 - 14 years old, I grew up with Korean pop.  This is 7 - 8 years of my life.  My feelings are hurt.  Korean nationalism is something I’m very familiar with but to have it right in my face like this bothers me.  So much in this posting is screaming ignorance, I hope that this poster is young. Is this poster not aware that when she posts about Kpop in English that they too are part of this international fan club?  Anyone raised outside of Korea is international even if they are Korean.  

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