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      ›› I have too many feels right now.

    1. (warning: long post and it is mostly NOT about T-ara.)

      Everything I touch dies.

       I was never a T-ara fan.  I liked a few of their songs and earlier this summer I ran into a picture of Hwayoung that was absolutely gorgeous, and I decided I liked her.  Now she’s caught up in a scandal in which has gotten her contract terminated.

      I need to get my feelings about this out of the way to please ignore the Kpop post.

      My personal opinion:  T-ara is probably guilty.


      Why?  Because of the statements released by Core Contents Media and the fact that ever since Hwayoung joined there have been bully rumors right under the surface.  I’m a non-fan and even I knew that these rumors existed and have existed for a substantial amount of time.  From the condescending Twitter comments (yes, Queen’s they were condescending) and quick rush statement of “they were hacked” by CCM lends itself to favoring Hwayoung.  Most companies won’t rush to a “they were hacked” defense unless 1) the artist was really or 2) the artist really screwed up.  I find it hard to believe that ALL of those girls were hacked around the same time with such similar statements.

      I also find it very telling that Boram never followed Hwayoung on Twitter.  

      This whole situation made me really miss Dong Bang Shin Ki of all things.  I put on Hug and sung along to every word.  Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Tri-Angle was my first Korean language album and listening to Hug really invoked a sense of “why can’t we go back?”  Part of me doesn’t want to go back, but I do miss the simpler times that was Kpop back when those boys were rookies.  To reflect on that period now makes my heart feel lighter.  The Way U Are and Hiyayaya are still among my favorite Kpop songs.  

      This T-ara debacle has definitely sparked feelings in me that I am surprised to be having.  Much how people say that BoA’s era is over I feel like my own “era” is over. (I mention BoA because she was my first Kpop artist.)  Today’s new fans and I are having vastly different experiences.  AllKpop for example used to be such a trash site.  

      Artists used to lip sync more with less backlash.  Even the “almighty” DBSK lip synced on many occasions.  

      I feel more like a “mentor” to the new fans rather than a comrade.  I don’t believe the “old times” were better, but they were certainly different.  It was a much different world.  

      I don’t think I’ve struggled to change along with it, but I have the memories.

      An advantage I have is that there are many Kpop fans that aged along with me.  When I was 15 all the other Kpop fans were 15 too, now that I’m 22 many of the other Kpop fans are also around this age.  

      I think we set a horrible example for the new, current generation.

      Sorry for getting so personal.  I have a lot of feels like I said.

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